Saturday, 5 April 2014

9 HEALTH Questions and Answers

Q: Lifting weights will stunt growth?
A: No, lifting weights helps with bone development, density and proper posture of course.


Q: To get ripped (not body builder)  lift lighter weight and more reps?
A: Uh, no. Muscle does two things: gets bigger or smaller. Being ‘toned’ is leaner, which is fat loss. However, if you have not built the muscle needed underneath to support a cut, or fat loss, you could just end up looking skinny.


Q: Can I turn fat into muscle?
A: No. These are two different tissues. Muscle is mostly water, whereas fat is mostly oil. Can you build your muscle by lifting heavy and lower body fat in combination with clean eating, yes, but they don’t replace each other.


Q: Does eating lots of small meals make me lose weight?
A: No. But here is what it does do; keep insulin levels (spikes) to a minimal so you avoid crashes and sudden cravings, preventing binge or emotional eating. Which brings me to the men wanting to bulk up. Eating 8+x a day isn’t always good. In fact, it is bad for your cause. Your body is spending so much time and energy digesting food so often that it cannot focus on building muscle. 4-6 meals for the
average person is ideal, no matter if you want to lose weight, gain weight, old or young, male or female. A good rule is to eat every 2.5-3 hours. Let us not make this complicated by saying, Hey Tannis, I work 14 hour days and I am awake 18 hours of the day, how do I eat only 4-6 times then but also eat every 2.5-3 hours. You are clearly not an average person so logic needs to be used in this case.


Q: Does fat make me fat?
A: SIGH. No. NOOO. But keep this in mind; fat is high in calories, you can have a lot of it as long as you don’t exceed you caloric number to maintain or lose weight. For example: say my calories are 1500 a day, and I like having 1 whole avocado, salmon and peanut butter in a day. Just right there you have 800/900 of your calories dedicated to fat, but you still need to have enough protein (1.2-1.5G per lb of weight) and complex carbs to build muscle. So fats are good but make sure they suite your cause.


Q: My doc says I have high cholesterol so I am not allowed to have egg yolks
A: For Cholesterol to have a negative effect on the body there needs to be a pre-existing problem with the blood vessels. Yolks are healthy forms cholesterol. There is no data that supports this.


Q: Creatine is dangerous?
A: Nope. It’s a 20/30 year old product and NO research has shown it to be harmful, the only side effect is it MAY increase acne. It has also shown to increase a bloating feeling or look.

Q: Ass to the grass is the only way to squat?
A: Yes, mostly. As long as you can maintain a neutral spine. You want to avoid a large forward lean, HOWEVER, people like myself with a long femur and short torso can only physically go so far down with proper posture before I will start to have a forward tuck going on to compensate. In this case, go AS deep as you can while maintaining proper posture and neutral spine. We are all built differently so we need to be aware of our bodies and work with them.


Q:I want my abs to look like ____ how can I?
A: Our abs can only show when our body fat has decreased, the side and placement (lower Vs or 8’s) can come from SOME methods of working out (such as tucking your tailbone under when targeting core) but people with the line down the middle, perfect side by side abs, or scattered abs, cannot be changed. Those ‘grooves’ are tendons going down and separating are just DNA.

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