Thursday, 24 April 2014


Since health and nutrition are such a big part of my life, anyone who decides to get me anything knows that the key to my heart is usually something related to that field. A client of mine recently returned from Australia (thank you Nicole!) and brought me back my all time favorite sweetener; Manuka Honey. Before that a new person in my life whom I hope to get to know much better bought me a book entitled God's Farmacy. Once you shift through the underlying religious side of this book which only really occurs within the first few pages, you get to the meat of it, which turns out to be a super fascinating read.

I am only half way through the book right now, but I wanted to share a few things with you that I picked up and thought were fascinating. Enjoy!

Aloe Vera:

Having problems with your number 2s? Aloe Vera cleanses the bowls by improved mobility and reduces the population of harmful bacteria.

Use it as a preservative. This one was a really cool one for me to learn. I blend up chunks of mango and let it dehydrate over night on 170 so that in the morning it is almost like thin mango fruit roll up, and honestly, who didn't love those as a kid? Cut some aloe and smear the gel over top as an editable preservative that acts as a barrier against moisture, fungus and bacteria.

Blackstrap Un-sulphured Molasses:

Iron shortage is something I deal with personally so it was great to learn that molasses contains more iron then any other food, in addition to being an amazing source of calcium (gasp, more then cows milk.) That sounds like a good excuse to me to get some baking in.

It is also great for eczema, acne, rashes and as a cleaner by cleaning impurities and helps the pH balance of the skin. Let it sit on your face for one hour then wash off with warm water, avid using soap.


Cabbage is high in iron, an iron deficient or anemic can benefit here. Eaten raw, in juices or added to food.

You can use the cabbage as a vaginal douche by washing it and warming it up for one minute in the oven -  it also aids in yeast infections. If you don't like the idea of going all garden-of-eden on your girlie bits, you can boil it and drink as a tea, which will also help with intestinal parasites.

Carrot Tops:

So no more throwing away the tops of the carrots we use! Drink the juice the carrots make, but then boil the tops and I can be used as a tea for a mouthwash. They're a strong antiseptic, diuretic and aid in urinary problems.


I think we all know garlic is delicious and have heard of people saying they eat a glove a night to prevent illness and promote continued health, but did you know that it is also natures most powerful antibiotic? So throw out the bottles the doctors give you, as they kill unhealthy AND healthy bacteria and replace it for lots and lots of garlic. Just remember to brush your teeth or else your partner may not come within 10 feet of you and it will have nothing to do with you being sick.

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