Friday, 4 April 2014

Healthy and Easy Protein Ball Recipe - Great for the Kids!

With Easter around the corner and my godson in mind, even though he is still under a year! I have been thinking of some fun treats that could be made with the tiny tykes and this recipe happened organically while playing around in the kitchen. The taste has several layers; light chocolate and nut flavors with coconut undertones. They're remarkably satisfying bites. Use some cookie cutters and let them sit out to harden for a little while and the kids will go nuts over it. It is raw (except the husk) and is also vegan so you'll be consuming nothing but mostly living foods with quality nutrients.

Fat total, 19 = 1.4 each
Carb total, 102 = 7.8 each
Fibre total, 50 = 3.8 each which is almost 20% of your daily need!
Sodium total, 210 = 16.1 each
Sugar total, 17 = 1.3 each (and mostly just from the soaked date)
Calorie total, 800 = 61 each
Makes 13, no need to cook.
4 scoops raw rice (no pea) chocolate Sunwarrior protein
2 tsp raw chia seeds
2.5 tsp raw coconut organic flakes
2 tsp organic hemp meal
2 soaked in 3 tsp water over night dates
4 tsp psyllium husk (stick together)
1/2 tsp Himalayan salt
1 tsp nutmeg
2 tsp PB2 - dehydrated peanut butter low Cals
(walnuts/almonds/cashews optional)

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